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John McDonald (Associate Professor / Canada Research Chair (Cognitive Neuroscience))
Phone:   778-782-9802  
Email:   Send Message  
Office:   RCB 6314  
Areas of Study:   Cognitive & Neural Sciences 
Research Interests:   Human electrophysiology, attention, multisensory perception, executive function, error processing.  
Teaching Interests:   Cognitive neuroscience, human electrophysiology.  
Home Page:   http://members.psyc.sfu.ca/labs/hel/home
Selected Publications:   McDonald, J. J., Hickey, C., Green, J. J., & Whitman, J. C. (2009). Inhibition of return in the covert deployment of attention: Evidence from human electrophysiology. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 21, 725-733.

Hickey, C., & Di Lollo, V., & McDonald, J.J. (2009). Electrophysiological indices of target and distractor processing in visual search. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 21, 760-775.

Green, J. J. & McDonald, J. J. (2008). Electrical neuroimaging reveals timing of attentional control activity in human brain. PLoS Biology, 6, e81.

Hickey, C., McDonald, J. J., & Theeuwes, J. (2006). Electrophysiological evidence of the capture of attention. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 18, 604-613.  

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