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Aknin, LaraAssistant Professor778-782-9563RCB 7321
Alder, GeorgeSenior LecturerRCB 7319
Alexander, BruceProfessor EmeritusRCB 6239
Ames, ElinorProfessor Emerita
Bakan, PaulProfessor Emeritus
Bartholomew, KimProfessor Emerita
Blackman, RogerProfessor Emeritus
Blair, MarkAssociate Professor604-562-4963RCB 8301
Bowman, MarilynProfessor EmeritaRCB 6239
Broesch, TanyaAssistant Professor 604-369-0128RCB 7317
Carpendale, JeremyProfessor / Area Coordinator - Developmental778-782-3607RCB 8306
Chapman, AlexanderAssociate Professor / Michael Smith Scholar / Clinical Area Coordinator604-314-2762RCB 8303
Cobb, RebeccaAssociate Professor778-782-3123RCB 7315
Coles, MichaelRetired
Connolly, DeborahAssociate Professor778-782-9376RCB 6146
Cox, DavidAssociate Professor / Director, Clinical Training 778-782-6667RCB 7320
Crawford, CharlesProfessor Emeritus778-389-2743RCB 6237
Davis, ChrisRetired
Day, RussellSenior Lecturer778-782-6580RCB 6240
Di Lollo, VincentAdjunct Professor778-782-7055RCB 6315
Douglas, KevinAssociate Professor / Associate Chair, Graduate Studies778-782-9562RCB 6320
Foster, JoanRetired Lecturer
Fouladi, RachelAssociate Professor / History, Quantitative & Theoretical Area CoordinatorRCB 6148
Hart, StephenProfessor / Area Coordinator - Law & ForensicRCB 6149
Iarocci, GraceAssociate Professor / Michael Smith Scholar604-812-4248RCB 7318
Kimball, MeredithProfessor Emerita
Koepke, JeanRetired
Koopman, RayRetired
Krane, WilliamAssociate Professor / Special Advisor to the Vice-President Academic and Provost778-782-3147WMC 1363
Krebs, DennisProfessor Emeritus
Ley, RobertAssociate Professor778-782-6667RCB 7323
Liotti, MarioProfessor778-782-9938RCB 6324
Maraun, MichaelProfessor778-782-5685RCB 4202
Marcia, JamesProfessor Emeritus
Martin, JackProfessor778-782-3743RCB 8304
McDonald, JohnAssociate Professor / Canada Research Chair (Cognitive Neuroscience)778-782-9802RCB 6314
McFarland, CathyProfessor Emerita
McMahon, RobertProfessor / BC Leadership Chair (Youth Violence)778-782-9031RCB 8211
Mistlberger, RalphProfessor604-657-7121RCB 7316
Modigliani, VitoProfessor Emeritus
Moretti, MarleneProfessor / CIHR Senior Research Chair778-782-4956 (Lab phone)RCB 8300
Paranjpe, AnandProfessor Emeritus
Racine, TimAssociate Professor / Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies778-997-3942RCB 8305
Read, DonProfessorRCB 4208
Ribary, UrsProfessor / BC Leadership Chair778-782-3791RCB 6241
Roesch, RonaldProfessor / MHLPI Director778-782-3370RCB 6326
Rose, V. GordonSenior LecturerRCB 6151
Schmitt, MichaelAssociate Professor / Area Coordinator - Social778-782-4342RCB 8309
Slaney, KathleenAssociate Professor778-782-6635RCB 6155
Spalek, ThomasAssociate Professor/ Area Coordinator - Cognitive & Neural Sciences778-782-3105RCB 8302
Strayer, JanetProfessor Emerita
Thornton, AllenAssociate Professor 778-782-5471RCB 6316
Thornton, WendyAssociate Professor778-782-6553RCB 6318
Turnbull, WilliamProfessor Emeritus
Viljoen, JodiAssociate Professor / Michael Smith Scholar778-782-8638RCB 6153
Watson, NeilProfessor / Chair604-368-1643RCB 5245
Whittlesea, BruceProfessor Emeritus
Wright, RichardAssociate Professor778-782-5881RCB 6322
Wright, StephenProfessor / Canada Research Chair 778-554-5897RCB 8308
Zaitsoff, ShannonAssistant Professor778-782-8721RCB 6321
Other Members
Abrami, DeborahClinical Associate
Adams, DouglasClinical Associate
Atwood, SherriSessional Instructor RCB 6242
Bailey, MarkClinical Associate
Bannerman, ElizabethClinical Associate
Barden, MichaelClinical Associate
Barha, CindySessional Instructor RCB 6242
Bartel, PatAdjunct Faculty
Beach, BarbaraClinical Associate
Beresford, HelenClinical Associate
Bernstein, DanielAdjunct Faculty
Bilsker, DanClinical Associate
Bishop, CaroleClinical Associate
Blake, SusanClinical Associate
Bowden, ConradClinical Associate
Bubber, CinnyClinical Associate
Carter, MaryAnnClinical Associate
Clark, SandraClinical Associate
Coelho, JenniferAdjunct Faculty
Colby, RobertClinical Associate
Cook, AlanaPost Doc
Cooper, BarryAdjunct Faculty
Cross, SusanClinical Associate
Crowell, TimothyClinical Associate
D'Arcy, RyanAssociate Member
Davidson, MartinSessional Instructor RCB 6242
Di Lollo, VinceAdjunct Faculty778-782-7055 RCB 6315
Dutton, D.G.Adjunct Faculty
Elgie, DamonClinical Associate
Ender-Fox, DiklaAdjunct Faculty
Estrin, TerryClinical Associate
Fraser, CherylClinical Associate
Frie, RogerAssociate Member778-782-4483 EDUC 8638
George, LeonardClinical Associate
Gibbins, ChristopherClinical Associate
Gilbert, MervynClinical Associate
Gill, EamonnClinical Associate
Goszer, LibbyClinical Associate
Gretton, HeatherAdjunct Faculty
Hackett, SusanClinical Associate
Hallam, BradleyClinical Associate
Hearn, SimonClinical Associate
Heaven, RobertaClinical Associate
Hemphill, JamesAdjunct Faculty
Herdman, AnthonyAdjunct Faculty
Ho, AudreyClinical Associate
Jack, LindseyClinical Associate
James, OwenClinical Associate
Jones, BryanSessional Instructor RCB 6242
Jones, JanelleAdjunct Faculty
Kallos-Lilly, VeronicaClinical Associate
Kaplan, CharlesClinical Associate
Kealy, DavidClinical Associate
Kettner, ToddClinical Associate
Korpach, MaryClinical Associate
Kort, BeverleyClinical Associate
Kot, SarinaClinical Associate
Kroft, Susan B.Clinical Associate
Kropp, RandyAdjunct Faculty604-660-6618
Krywaniuk, LarryClinical Associate
Kuttner, LeoraClinical Associate
Kyra, SuzanneClinical Associate
Larstone, RoseannPost Doc778-782-4956
Layden, BrianneSessional Instructor RCB 5304
LeBlanc, JeanneClinical Associate
Leithead, JoanneClinical Associate
Le Page, AnthonyClinical Associate
Lessard, JocelyneClinical Associate
Liu, CindyVisiting Professor RCB 6317
Lysak, HannaClinical Associate
Mackoff, RandyClinical Associate
Mallory, RachelClinical Associate
Manly, PatriciaClinical Associate
Mansour, JamalAdjunct Faculty
Marcia, JamesClinical Associate
McLaughlin, CatherineClinical Associate
Miranda, CharmaineClinical Associate
Nemetz, GeorgiaClinical Associate
Nesbitt, CarolynClinical Associate
Nicholls, ToniaAdjunct Faculty
Olley, MaureenAdjunct Faculty
O'Rourke, NormAssociate Member778-782-5175
O'Rourke, NormClinical Associate778-782-5175 Gerontology
Papsdorf, MichaelClinical Associate
Pasalich, DavidPost Doc778-782-9367 RCB 6216
Paterson, RandyClinical Associate
Philips-Hing, MartinClinical Associate
Poole, GaryAdjunct Faculty604-822-9164
Prupas, LorneClinical Associate
Reebye, PratibhaClinical Associate
Rosen, BarbaraClinical Associate
Samra, JotiClinical Associate
Samra, JotiAdjunct Faculty
Samson, DeborahClinical Associate
Saulnier, GaryClinical Associate
Schimpf, MyronClinical Associate
Seal, BrookeSessional Instructor RCB 6242
Setton-Markus, JudithClinical Associate
Shen, EdwardClinical Associate
Simas, KathyClinical Associate
Smith, MeaganClinical Associate
Sochting, IngridClinical Associate
Southey, Sharon-LeeClinical Associate
Stanley, JessicaSessional Instructor RCB 6242
Strickling, BonnelleClinical Associate
Sugarman, JeffAssociate Member778-782-3835 Education
Sungaila, PaulClinical Associate
Superstein-Raber, LynnClinical Associate
Swain, DerekClinical Associate
Thomas, OwenSessional Instructor RCB 6242
Trew, JenniferPost Doc778-782-7155 RCB 6323
Viljoen, HendreClinical Associate
Vlassev, InnaClinical Associate
Wang, AdrienneClinical Associate
Wereha, TylerSessional Instructor RCB 4303
Wild, UrsulaClinical Associate
Wilkie, ColleenClinical Associate
Williams, KarlClinical Associate
Worling, DavidClinical Associate
Worth, BrianClinical Associate
Young, ArleneAdjunct Faculty

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