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Law and Forensic


Area Faculty
Deborah Connolly *
Kevin Douglas
Stephen Hart
Don Read *
Ronald Roesch *
Jodi Viljoen
Associate Faculty
Robert McMahon
V. Gordon Rose *

* Indicates faculty members who are not currently recruiting honours or graduate students.


The Program in Law and Forensic Psychology at Simon Fraser University offers experimental or clinical students unique research and applied experiences in the growing field of law and psychology. Students in both the Experimental Psychology and Law Stream and the Clinical-Forensic Stream enter the graduate training program in the psychology department through the normal procedures for the experimental and clinical training programs, respectively. In addition to the basic department requirements, students will enhance their experimental or clinical training by completing the requirements of the Clinical-Forensic or the Psychology and Law concentration, respectively. Students will be able to tailor the resources available through their respective concentrations to suit their intellectual and practical needs on an individual basis.

Although related in scope, course work, and other requirements, the concentrations of the two streams are quite different. Students in the Experimental Psychology and Law Stream will develop research and applied policy skills in law and forensic psychology. By contrast, the Clinical-Forensic Stream prepares those in clinical psychology with research and clinical skills unique to the forensic arena. Due to the overlap of the two areas, students in both streams will take many of the same courses and will develop similar research skills; however, students in the Clinical-Forensic Stream will further develop their clinical training to include forensic training and practice experience.

In co-operation with the University of British Columbia, the SFU Program in Law and Forensic Psychology also offers students in law and forensic psychology an opportunity to complete both a Ph.D. and LL.B. degree. The co-operative SFU/UBC program provides opportunities for students to be on leave from one university while completing requirements in the other. Several courses are eligible for credit in both degree programs. Students undertaking the co-operative SFU/UBC stream complete all requirements for both the Ph.D. in law and forensic psychology and the LL.B. in law. The Ph.D. is awarded by Simon Fraser University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and the LL.B. is awarded by UBC’s Faculty of Law. Students should anticipate that completion of both degrees will require 7-8 years of study.

Applications for admission to the Ph.D. and LL.B. degree programs are made separately to Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. For application and admission to the SFU Ph.D. program, refer to the Department of Psychology “Application and Admission Requirements”. Admission to the clinical forensic psychology Ph.D. stream at SFU is approved by the Department of Psychology clinical program. Applicants also seeking an LL.B. must separately obtain admission from and be deemed acceptable by the Faculty of Law at UBC.

Law & Forensic Program Booklet (PDF 163kb)

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